Why Is Psychology Considered a Social Science Because?


Jane Flores

Psychology is often considered a social science because it focuses on the study of human behavior and the processes that influence it. By examining how individuals think, feel, and interact with others, psychology seeks to understand the underlying mechanisms that shape our social interactions and society as a whole. Let’s explore some key reasons why psychology is classified as a social science.

1. Human Behavior

At the core of psychology is the study of human behavior.

This includes understanding why people act in certain ways, how they make decisions, and what factors influence their actions. By examining behavior from a scientific perspective, psychologists can identify patterns and develop theories to explain various aspects of social interaction.

2. Social Interaction

Psychology places great emphasis on studying how individuals interact with others in different social contexts.

From interpersonal relationships to group dynamics, psychologists aim to uncover the underlying processes that govern social interactions. By understanding these processes, psychologists can shed light on topics such as conformity, prejudice, aggression, and cooperation.

3. Influence of Society

Society plays a significant role in shaping human behavior and psychology recognizes this impact.

By studying how cultural norms, societal structures, and institutions influence individuals and groups, psychologists gain insights into the complex relationship between society and human behavior. This understanding helps explain variations in behavior across different cultures and societies.

4. Scientific Method

Psychology adopts rigorous scientific methodologies to gather empirical evidence about human behavior.

Researchers use experiments, surveys, observations, and other scientific methods to collect data that can be analyzed statistically. This scientific approach allows psychologists to draw reliable conclusions about human behavior and its underlying processes.

5. Interdisciplinary Nature

Psychology draws from various disciplines including biology, sociology, anthropology, and neuroscience.

This interdisciplinary approach allows psychologists to explore human behavior from multiple angles and integrate findings from different fields. By incorporating knowledge from various disciplines, psychology can offer a comprehensive understanding of social behavior.


Psychology is considered a social science because it focuses on the study of human behavior and its social context. By examining behavior, social interactions, societal influences, using the scientific method, and adopting an interdisciplinary approach, psychology provides valuable insights into the complexities of human nature and society as a whole.