Who Was the Author of Social Contract Theory?


Jane Flores

Social Contract Theory is a concept that has been studied, analyzed, and debated for centuries. It is a theory that suggests that individuals willingly give up some of their individual freedoms in exchange for protection and security provided by the government.

The concept of Social Contract Theory has been attributed to several philosophers throughout history. However, one individual stands out as the author of this influential theory.

The Author of Social Contract Theory

The author of Social Contract Theory is Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Rousseau was a philosopher, writer, and composer from Geneva, Switzerland.

He was born on June 28th, 1712 and died on July 2nd, 1778. Rousseau’s ideas on social contract theory were first introduced in his book “The Social Contract” published in 1762.

Rousseau’s Philosophy

Rousseau believed that society corrupts individuals, and it is only by living in a state of nature that humans can be truly free. However, he recognized that living in a state of nature would not provide the necessary protection and security needed to sustain life. Therefore he proposed the idea of a social contract between individuals and the government.

According to Rousseau’s theory, the government exists solely to protect its citizens’ rights and freedoms. In return for this protection, citizens agree to give up some individual freedom by following laws enacted by the government.

Influence on Politics

Rousseau’s ideas had a significant influence on political thought during his time and continue to do so today. His concept of social contract theory provided a framework for modern democratic societies worldwide.

Rousseau’s philosophy also inspired many political figures throughout history such as Thomas Jefferson who used Rousseau’s ideas in drafting the Declaration of Independence.

Critiques of Social Contract Theory

While Rousseau’s social contract theory has been widely accepted, it has also been heavily criticized. The main critique is that individuals do not willingly give up their individual freedoms, rather the government takes them away. This criticism suggests that the social contract theory is flawed since it assumes that individuals have a choice in giving up their freedom.


Social Contract Theory remains a crucial concept in political philosophy today. Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s work on the topic remains one of the most influential pieces of literature on political theory ever written. While his ideas have been critiqued over time, they continue to influence politics worldwide.