Who Said Political Theory Includes Political Science and Political Philosophy?


Jane Flores

Political theory is a complex and multifaceted field that encompasses various disciplines, including political science and political philosophy. While some may argue that these two disciplines are distinct from one another, others contend that they are intimately related and should be considered part of the same broader field.

At its core, political theory is concerned with the study of power, governance, and social organization. It seeks to understand how societies function and how different forms of government can be used to achieve particular goals or outcomes.

Political science tends to focus on the empirical study of politics, using tools like statistics and data analysis to explore patterns in political behavior and institutions. Meanwhile, political philosophy is more concerned with normative questions about justice, morality, and human rights.

Despite these apparent differences, there are many areas of overlap between political science and political philosophy. For example, both disciplines share an interest in understanding the nature of power and authority in society. Political scientists might explore how power is distributed among different groups or institutions within a given society, while philosophers might ask more fundamental questions about where power comes from and whether it can ever be legitimate.

Likewise, both fields have a stake in understanding the relationship between individuals and the state. Political scientists might analyze how public policies affect different groups of people within a society or examine trends in voting behavior over time. Philosophers might ask whether individuals have moral obligations to obey the law or if there are circumstances under which civil disobedience is justified.

Ultimately, it seems clear that political theory includes both political science and political philosophy as important subfields. While there may be disagreements about the proper scope and methods of each discipline, they share a common goal: to help us better understand how societies operate and how we can improve them through effective governance.

In conclusion, while some may argue that political theory consists only of one discipline or another – either political science or philosophy – it’s important to recognize that both fields are essential components of this broader field. By working together and sharing insights, political scientists and philosophers can help us develop a more comprehensive understanding of the complex social and political systems that shape our world.