Who Is Game Theory Austin?


Diego Sanchez

Game Theory Austin, also known as GTAustin, is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on video game analysis and critique. The channel was created in 2014 by Matthew Patrick, who goes by the name MatPat online. With over 11 million subscribers and counting, Game Theory Austin has become a go-to destination for gamers looking to dive deeper into their favorite games.

The Man Behind The Channel

MatPat is a New York-based content creator who started his career in the entertainment industry as an actor. However, he quickly realized that his true passion lay in creating content for the internet. He launched Game Theory Austin as a platform to explore the intricacies of video game design and mechanics.

The Content

At its core, Game Theory Austin is all about exploring video games beyond their surface level mechanics. MatPat and his team dive deep into each game’s storylines, characters, and design to uncover hidden secrets and theories that fans may have overlooked.

The channel’s most popular series is called “Game Theory,” where MatPat presents elaborate theories and explanations for different aspects of video games. These videos are often accompanied by detailed visuals and animations that help explain complex concepts in an engaging way.

In addition to “Game Theory,” GTAustin also features other series such as “Film Theory,” where MatPat applies his analytical skills to movies and TV shows, and “Food Theory,” where he explores the science behind food in pop culture.

The Impact

Over the years, Game Theory Austin has had a significant impact on the gaming community. The channel’s unique approach to analyzing video games has inspired countless other creators to follow in their footsteps. Furthermore, many game developers have taken notice of MatPat’s work and have even reached out to him for collaborations.

In conclusion, Game Theory Austin is more than just a YouTube channel – it’s a community of gamers who share a passion for exploring the intricacies of video games. With MatPat at the helm, the channel continues to push the boundaries of video game analysis and critique, inspiring others to do the same.