Which of the Following Is the Best Definition of the Theory of Social Darwinism?

Social Darwinism is a concept that originated in the late 19th century, primarily associated with the works of British philosopher Herbert Spencer. This theory attempts to apply Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection to human society. It suggests that societies and individuals evolve and progress through a process akin to natural selection, where only the fittest and strongest survive.

The Core Principles

Social Darwinism encompasses several core principles that shape its definition:

The Controversies

Social Darwinism has been highly controversial due to its interpretation and potential implications:

Impact on History

Social Darwinism has had a significant impact on various historical events and ideologies:

In Conclusion

Social Darwinism is a theory that attempts to apply Charles Darwin’s principles of natural selection to human society. It emphasizes survival of the fittest, competition, and laissez-faire capitalism as driving forces behind societal progress.

However, it has faced controversies due to its misuse of science, ethical concerns, and potential cultural bias. Understanding its impact on history helps us recognize both its positive influences on social reform movements and its negative associations with imperialism and eugenics.