Charles Darwin is a name that is synonymous with evolution and the theory of natural selection. His groundbreaking work has been studied and debated for over a century.

But when exactly was Darwin’s theory of evolution published? Let’s dive into the history books and find out.

The Origin of Species

In 1859, Charles Darwin published a book that would change the course of scientific thought forever. The book was titled “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life,” but it is commonly referred to as “The Origin of Species.”

The book presented Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection, which suggests that species evolve over time through a process of adaptation to their environment. This was a radical idea at the time and caused quite a stir in the scientific community.

The Journey to Publication

Darwin’s journey to publication was not an easy one. He had been developing his theory for years and had amassed a large amount of evidence to support it, but he knew that publishing his ideas would be met with opposition.

He spent years refining his arguments and gathering evidence before finally deciding to publish his work. Even then, he was hesitant to release it into the world. He knew that challenging established beliefs about creationism and the role of God in nature would not be well received by many.

Finally, after much deliberation, he decided to publish “The Origin of Species.” It was an instant success, selling out its first printing within days.

The Impact

The impact of Darwin’s theory on science cannot be overstated. It fundamentally changed our understanding of biology and how life on Earth came to be. It paved the way for new fields like evolutionary biology and genetics and has led to countless discoveries about how life evolves over time.

But Darwin’s theory also had a profound impact on society. It challenged long-held beliefs about the role of humans in nature and sparked debates about the relationship between science and religion that continue to this day.


In conclusion, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection was published in 1859 in his book “On the Origin of Species.” It was a groundbreaking work that challenged established beliefs about the origins of life and fundamentally changed our understanding of biology. Today, it remains one of the most influential scientific theories ever proposed.