Are you interested in becoming a school psychologist? If so, you may be wondering what undergraduate degree is best for this field.

School psychology is a specialized area of psychology that focuses on working with children, families, and educators to promote positive learning environments and improve academic outcomes. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top undergraduate degrees for school psychology and how they can prepare you for a career in this rewarding field.


Many students who are interested in school psychology choose to major in psychology as undergraduates. This degree provides a strong foundation in the principles of human behavior, mental processes, and research methods. Psychology majors also learn about various subfields within the discipline, including child development, abnormal psychology, and social psychology.

Some of the key skills that students can develop through a psychology degree include critical thinking, data analysis, communication skills, and knowledge of human behavior. These skills are highly relevant for school psychologists who work with students, families, and educators to identify challenges and develop effective interventions.

Educational Psychology

Another popular undergraduate degree for school psychologists is educational psychology. This field focuses specifically on the application of psychological principles to education settings. Students in this program learn about topics such as learning theories, motivation, assessment and evaluation techniques.

Educational psychology majors gain valuable knowledge about how people learn and how to design effective instruction. They also develop skills related to assessment and measurement that can be useful for evaluating student progress or identifying areas where additional support is needed.

Child Development

A degree in child development can also be a great choice for aspiring school psychologists. This field focuses on the physical, cognitive, social-emotional development of children from birth through adolescence.

Child development majors learn about developmental milestones and factors that influence growth and change over time. They also gain practical experience working with children through internships or research opportunities.

Some key skills that students can develop through a child development degree include observation and assessment skills, knowledge of child development, and the ability to design interventions that support children’s growth and development.


In summary, there are several undergraduate degrees that can prepare you for a career in school psychology. Psychology, educational psychology, and child development are all excellent choices that provide a strong foundation in the principles of human behavior and development.

No matter which major you choose, it’s important to gain practical experience working with children and families through internships or research opportunities. With the right education and training, you can make a positive impact on the lives of students and families as a school psychologist.