So, you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree in psychology and now you’re wondering, what type of job can you get with this qualification? Well, the good news is that a bachelor’s degree in psychology can open up a wide range of career opportunities in various fields. Let’s explore some of the options available to you:

Career Paths in Psychology

If you’re passionate about psychology and want to directly apply your knowledge in this field, there are several career paths you can consider:

1. Mental Health Technician

A mental health technician works closely with psychologists and psychiatrists to provide support and care for individuals with mental health disorders. As a mental health technician, you may assist with patient assessments, develop treatment plans, and provide counseling.

2. Case Manager

As a case manager, you’ll work with individuals who require assistance navigating the healthcare system or accessing social services. Your role will involve assessing needs, coordinating services, and advocating for your clients.

3. Behavioral Specialist

A behavioral specialist focuses on understanding and modifying behaviors through various interventions. This role is commonly found in educational settings or organizations that support individuals with developmental disabilities.

Career Paths Outside Psychology

While a bachelor’s degree in psychology can lead to careers within the field itself, it also provides a solid foundation for jobs outside of psychology:

1. Human Resources Specialist

A human resources specialist handles various aspects of employee management such as recruitment, training, and employee relations. With your understanding of human behavior gained from studying psychology, you can excel in this role. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts collect and analyze data to help companies make informed business decisions. Your research skills and knowledge of human behavior can be valuable in understanding consumer preferences and behavior. Social Worker

As a social worker, you’ll work directly with individuals and families facing various challenges such as poverty, abuse, or addiction. Your understanding of human psychology will enable you to provide support and help clients navigate difficult situations.

Graduate Studies in Psychology

If you’re interested in further advancing your career in psychology, pursuing a graduate degree is an excellent option. With a master’s or doctoral degree, you can become a licensed psychologist or specialize in specific areas such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, or industrial-organizational psychology.


A bachelor’s degree in psychology opens up numerous career opportunities both within and outside the field of psychology. Whether you choose to pursue a career directly related to psychology or utilize your transferable skills in other industries, your knowledge and understanding of human behavior will serve as a valuable asset throughout your professional journey.

So go ahead and explore the diverse range of job options available to you with your bachelor’s degree in psychology!