What Major Is Game Theory In?


Vincent White

If you have an interest in economics, mathematics, psychology, or political science, then you may have heard of game theory. It is a field of study that deals with decision-making and strategic interactions between individuals or groups. However, the question remains – what major is game theory in?

Game Theory as a Branch of Mathematics:

Game theory is primarily concerned with mathematical models of decision-making. As such, it is often considered a branch of mathematics. Students who are interested in pursuing game theory can find relevant courses and programs in various math departments across universities.

Subfields within Mathematics:

There are also several subfields within mathematics that focus on specific aspects of game theory. For instance, combinatorial game theory deals with games that have perfect information and no chance elements. On the other hand, stochastic game theory deals with games that involve randomness or uncertainty.

Other Relevant Majors:

While game theory is rooted in mathematics, it has applications in several other fields as well. Here are some majors that incorporate game theory into their curriculum:

  • Economics: Game theory has become an essential tool for economists to analyze various economic phenomena such as market competition, pricing strategies, and auctions.
  • Psychology: Game theory has been used to study social behavior and decision-making processes among individuals or groups.
  • Political Science: Game theory has been applied to analyze international relations and conflict resolution.

In Conclusion

Game theory is a fascinating field of study that has broad applications across various majors. While it originated from mathematical modeling, it has found relevance in economics, psychology, political science, and beyond. If you have an interest in strategic decision-making or want to explore the intersection between different disciplines, then you may find studying game theory beneficial.