What Jobs Can You Get With Psychology Degree?


Martha Robinson

If you have a degree in Psychology, you may be wondering what career options are available to you. Fortunately, there are a variety of jobs that you can pursue with a Psychology degree. Here are some of the most popular careers in psychology:

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologists work with individuals suffering from mental illness or emotional distress. They assess, diagnose, and treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Clinical psychologists may also provide therapy to couples or families.

School Psychologist

School psychologists provide support for students in schools. They assess students for learning disabilities or behavioral problems and work with teachers and parents to create plans to help these students succeed. School psychologists may also provide counseling services to students.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Industrial-Organizational psychologists work in businesses and organizations to improve workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. They may conduct research on topics such as employee motivation or leadership styles, or they may develop training programs for employees.

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic psychologists work within the criminal justice system to assess individuals who have committed crimes or who are involved in legal cases. They may evaluate the competency of defendants to stand trial or provide expert testimony in court.

Social Worker

Social workers help individuals and families cope with difficult situations such as poverty, illness, or abuse. They may connect clients with resources such as counseling services or financial assistance programs.


These are just a few of the many careers that you can pursue with a Psychology degree. Whether you want to work directly with individuals experiencing mental health issues or focus on improving organizations’ productivity, there is likely a job that suits your interests and skills.

  • Clinical psychologist: Assessing, diagnosing and treating people suffering from mental health conditions.
  • School psychologist: Providing support and counseling to students in schools.
  • Industrial-organizational psychologist: Improving productivity and employee satisfaction in workplaces.
  • Forensic psychologist: Evaluating individuals involved in criminal cases or providing expert testimony in court.
  • Social worker: Helping individuals and families cope with difficult situations such as poverty, illness, or abuse.

No matter what path you choose, a degree in Psychology can provide you with the tools to help others and make a positive impact on society.