What Jobs Can You Get With a Psychology Degree in Canada?


Diego Sanchez

If you’re considering pursuing a psychology degree in Canada, you may be wondering what career opportunities are available to you. Psychology is a popular field of study, and it can prepare you for a range of professions that involve working with people. In this article, we’ll explore some of the jobs you can get with a psychology degree in Canada.

Counselling Psychologist

One of the most obvious career paths for someone with a psychology degree is becoming a counselling psychologist. Counselling psychologists work with individuals or groups to help them overcome mental health issues and emotional challenges. They may also provide guidance on relationship issues, career choices, and other life decisions.

Educational Psychologist

Educational psychologists work primarily within the education system, helping children and young adults who may be struggling academically or personally. They use psychological theories and techniques to improve learning outcomes and promote positive mental health among students.

Human Resources Specialist

Human resources specialists are responsible for managing employee relations within an organization. They may be involved in hiring processes, employee training, conflict resolution, and other aspects of personnel management. A background in psychology can be useful for understanding how to effectively communicate with employees and resolve conflicts.

Social Worker

Social workers work with individuals or families who are experiencing difficult circumstances such as poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence or mental health issues. The role involves providing support services such as counseling or referrals to other organizations that provide specialized services.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts study market conditions to determine what products or services customers want and how much they are willing to pay for them. This requires analyzing data about customer behavior and preferences which can be informed by psychological theories.


These are just some examples of the many jobs available to those with a psychology degree in Canada. Whether you’re interested in working directly with people or in a more analytical role, there are plenty of opportunities to put your knowledge of human behavior and psychology to work. Whether you choose to work in the private or public sector, there are many different paths you can take to a rewarding and fulfilling career.