What Jobs Can You Get With a 2 Year Psychology Degree?


Vincent White

If you’re interested in psychology, getting a two-year degree may be a great way to start your career. While many students pursue higher education to become licensed psychologists, there are plenty of jobs available with an associate’s degree in psychology. Here are a few options:

Case Management Assistant

One job option with an associate’s degree in psychology is a case management assistant. In this role, you’ll work with social workers and other healthcare professionals to help clients access resources and navigate the healthcare system. You might assist with tasks like scheduling appointments, coordinating care between different providers, and helping clients complete paperwork.

Behavioral Health Technician

Another potential job option is as a behavioral health technician. These professionals work in mental health clinics, hospitals, and other settings to help patients manage their mental health conditions. You might lead group therapy sessions, assist with individual counseling sessions, or help patients learn coping skills.

Social Services Assistant

If you’re interested in working with underserved populations or those experiencing poverty or homelessness, becoming a social services assistant may be a good fit for you. In this role, you’ll help connect clients with community resources like food banks and housing programs. Other tasks might include assisting with job training or helping clients develop life skills.

Childcare Worker

For those who love working with children, becoming a childcare worker might be an ideal job option. With an associate’s degree in psychology, you could work as a preschool teacher or daycare provider. You’ll have the opportunity to help young children learn and develop important social skills.

Research Assistant

Finally, if you’re interested in pursuing graduate studies down the line or simply enjoy research work, becoming a research assistant could be an excellent starting point for your career. Research assistants work in academic settings assisting professors and researchers on projects related to psychology and related fields.

  • Conclusion:

While an associate’s degree in psychology may not lead to a career as a licensed psychologist, there are plenty of other job options available. From case management assistants to research assistants, there are many roles available that allow you to put your knowledge of psychology to work.

Consider your interests and strengths to determine which job might be the best fit for you. With the right education and experience, you can build a fulfilling career in psychology.