If you have a passion for psychology and a fascination with the criminal mind, you may be wondering what career opportunities are available with a degree in criminal psychology. Fortunately, there are several exciting career paths that you can pursue with this degree.

Forensic Psychologist
One of the most popular career choices for those with a criminal psychology degree is becoming a forensic psychologist. These professionals work within the legal system to assess individuals involved in legal cases.

They may evaluate defendants to determine their competency to stand trial or provide expert testimony on the psychological factors involved in a case. Forensic psychologists also work with law enforcement agencies to help solve crimes by profiling suspects and analyzing crime scenes.

Criminal Profiler
Criminal profilers are another type of professional who use their knowledge of criminal psychology to help solve crimes. They analyze crime scenes, evidence, and victimology to create a profile of the potential suspect(s). This information can then be used by law enforcement agencies to narrow down their search for the perpetrator.

Victim Advocate
While some professionals in criminal psychology focus on working with perpetrators, others choose to work with victims. Victim advocates assist victims of crime by providing emotional support, connecting them with resources such as counseling services or legal assistance, and helping them navigate the legal system.

Correctional Counselor
Correctional counselors work within correctional facilities such as prisons or juvenile detention centers. They provide counseling services to inmates and help them develop skills such as anger management or substance abuse treatment that will assist them in successfully reintegrating into society after their release.

Law Enforcement Officer
While not all law enforcement officers have degrees in criminal psychology, having this knowledge can be extremely beneficial when working within this field. Law enforcement officers who understand the mindset of criminals are better equipped to handle situations where they may encounter dangerous individuals.

The Benefits of Pursuing a Degree in Criminal Psychology

There are several reasons why pursuing a degree in criminal psychology can be a wise choice. For one, the field is constantly growing and evolving, meaning that there will always be new career opportunities available. Additionally, because criminal psychology is a specialized field, those with this type of degree may be able to command higher salaries than those with more general psychology degrees.


If you have a passion for psychology and an interest in criminal behavior, pursuing a degree in criminal psychology may be the right choice for you. With several exciting career paths available, you can use your knowledge to help solve crimes, assist victims of crime, or work within the legal system to ensure that justice is served.