Are you interested in pursuing a child psychology degree but not sure what career options are available? Here are some potential job opportunities that you can explore with a child psychology degree.

Child Psychologist

One of the most obvious career paths for someone with a child psychology degree is to become a child psychologist. Child psychologists work with children who may be experiencing emotional, social, or behavioral difficulties.

They use various techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy to help children overcome their issues. To become a licensed psychologist, you will typically need to complete a doctoral program and pass state licensing exams.

School Counselor

Another option for those with a child psychology degree is becoming a school counselor. School counselors work in elementary, middle, or high schools and help students navigate academic and personal challenges. They may provide guidance on college applications, offer academic support, and help students deal with emotional or social issues that may be affecting their school performance.

Child Welfare Caseworker

A child welfare caseworker works with families and children who have been identified as at risk. They may investigate allegations of abuse or neglect and work with families to ensure the safety of children. A child welfare caseworker often needs to have excellent communication skills as they work closely with families, healthcare professionals, and legal authorities.

Child Life Specialist

A Child Life Specialist is someone who works in hospitals or healthcare facilities helping children cope with illness or medical procedures. They aim to minimize anxiety and make the hospital experience less stressful for children by providing play therapy, education about medical procedures, and offering emotional support.

Developmental Psychologist

A developmental psychologist studies human development across the lifespan. They seek to understand how humans develop physically, emotionally, cognitively from infancy through adulthood. Developmental psychologists can find employment in various settings such as research institutions, educational organizations, or government agencies.


A child psychology degree can open up many doors for job opportunities. Whether you want to work directly with children or in a research setting, there are various career paths that you can explore. Consider your interests and strengths to determine which path is best for you.