What Is the Theory of Evolution Inherit the Wind?


Jane Flores

The Theory of Evolution is a scientific theory that explains the process of biological evolution. Inherit the Wind is a play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee that explores the controversial topic of evolution and its place in society.

What is the Theory of Evolution?

The Theory of Evolution states that all living organisms on Earth are related to each other through common ancestry. It proposes that over time, species change and evolve through natural selection, genetic drift, and other mechanisms.

Natural Selection

Natural selection is the process by which certain traits become more or less common in a population over time. This occurs because individuals with certain advantageous traits are more likely to survive and reproduce than those without them.

Genetic Drift

Genetic drift refers to random fluctuations in the frequency of alleles (versions of genes) in a population. This can occur due to chance events like genetic mutations or environmental factors.

Inherit The Wind

Inherit the Wind is a play that fictionalizes the Scopes Monkey Trial, a real-life court case that took place in Tennessee in 1925. The trial centered around a high school science teacher named John Scopes who was accused of teaching evolution in violation of state law.

The Play’s Themes

One of the central themes of Inherit The Wind is the conflict between science and religion. The play portrays this conflict as one between reason and tradition, with characters on both sides making passionate arguments for their beliefs.

Another theme is freedom of speech and expression. Inherit The Wind highlights the dangers of censorship and shows how fear can be used to suppress ideas.


In conclusion, the Theory of Evolution is a scientific theory that explains how species change over time through natural selection and genetic drift. Inherit The Wind is a play that explores themes related to evolution, religion, free speech, and censorship. By understanding the theory of evolution and the historical context of Inherit The Wind, we can better appreciate the ongoing debate over these important issues.