Social constructionism is an important theory in the field of sociology, which suggests that the way we understand the world around us is shaped by social and cultural factors. It is based on the idea that people create meaning through their interactions with each other and with society as a whole.

What is Social Constructionism?

Social constructionism is a theory that argues that our understanding of reality is not objective, but rather constructed by social and cultural influences. In other words, we don’t see the world as it is, but rather as we have been taught to see it. This means that our perceptions of reality are shaped by our experiences, our language, our culture, and our social interactions.

The Basic Premises of Social Constructionism

There are several basic premises of social constructionism that help to explain how this theory works:

  1. Reality is socially constructed: Social constructionists argue that reality is not an objective fact, but rather something that is created through social interaction.
  2. Language shapes reality: The words we use to describe things shape our understanding of them. For example, if we use derogatory language to describe a certain group of people, we are more likely to view them in a negative light.
  3. Culture shapes reality: Different cultures have different ways of understanding the world around them. For example, some cultures place a greater emphasis on community than on individual achievement.
  4. Power and privilege influence perception: People who hold power and privilege are more likely to shape the way others understand reality.

The Implications of Social Constructionism

The theory of social constructionism has important implications for how we understand many aspects of society. For example:

Critiques of Social Constructionism

Despite its many strengths, social constructionism has also faced criticism from some quarters. Some argue that it places too much emphasis on language and culture at the expense of material reality. Others suggest that it can be used to undermine the idea of objective truth.


In conclusion, social constructionism is an important theory in sociology that helps us to understand how our perceptions of reality are shaped by social and cultural factors. By recognizing the power of language, culture, and privilege in shaping our understanding of the world around us, we can work towards creating a more just and equitable society for all.