What Is the Nature of Reality in Metaphysics?


Vincent White

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that seeks to understand the fundamental nature of reality, existence, and being. It examines questions about the nature of reality, such as whether it is objective or subjective, whether it is material or immaterial, and whether it is knowable or unknowable. In this article, we will explore the nature of reality in metaphysics and how it is understood by different philosophers.

Objective vs. Subjective Reality

One question that arises in metaphysics is whether reality is objective or subjective. Objective reality refers to the existence of things independently of our minds, whereas subjective reality refers to the experience of reality as it appears to us. Some philosophers argue that there is an objective reality that exists independently of our minds, while others argue that all we can know about reality is our subjective experience of it.

Material vs. Immaterial Reality

Another question in metaphysics concerns the nature of material and immaterial reality. Material reality refers to physical objects and substances that can be perceived by the senses, while immaterial reality refers to things like thoughts, emotions, and ideas that cannot be perceived in this way. Some philosophers argue that everything is ultimately material in nature, while others believe in the existence of immaterial substances.

Knowable vs. Unknowable Reality

Another important consideration in metaphysics is whether we can know anything about ultimate reality or if it remains fundamentally mysterious and unknowable. Some philosophers argue that we can gain knowledge about the fundamental nature of things through reason and intuition, while others believe that ultimate reality remains beyond our grasp.


In conclusion, metaphysics seeks to explore fundamental questions about the nature of reality itself. It considers questions such as whether reality is objective or subjective, material or immaterial, and knowable or unknowable. While different philosophers have proposed a variety of answers to these questions, they continue to be debated and explored by thinkers today.