What Is the Metaphysics of Marxism?


Jane Flores

Marxism is a political, social, and economic theory that emphasizes the struggle between different social classes. At its core, Marxism seeks to understand how societies function and how they can be transformed to create a more equitable distribution of wealth and power.

But what about the metaphysics of Marxism? What does this branch of Marxist theory explore?

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of reality. In the context of Marxism, metaphysics explores the underlying principles that govern social and economic relations. It seeks to identify the fundamental structures that underpin society and determine how they can be changed to create a more just and equitable world.

At its most basic level, the metaphysics of Marxism is rooted in dialectical materialism. This theory holds that everything in the world is in a constant state of change and development. Dialectical materialism asserts that all things are interconnected and interdependent, and that change is driven by contradictions within existing systems.

According to this theory, every society consists of two opposing classes: those who own the means of production (the bourgeoisie) and those who do not (the proletariat). These two classes are constantly engaged in a struggle for power which ultimately determines the direction of social change.

The metaphysics of Marxism also explores concepts like alienation, which refers to the estrangement individuals experience from their own humanity as a result of being treated as mere objects or commodities within capitalist systems. This theory argues that capitalism creates a sense of disconnection between individuals, their work, and their communities by reducing everything to its market value.

Another key concept explored in Marxist metaphysics is historical materialism. This theory holds that historical development is determined by material factors such as technology, economics, and social relations rather than abstract ideas or ideals. Historical materialism seeks to uncover the underlying structures that have shaped human history and understand how they can be transformed for greater social justice.

In summary, Marxist metaphysics delves into the fundamental structures and principles that underpin society and seeks to understand how these can be changed to create a more just and equitable world. Through dialectical materialism, historical materialism, and concepts like alienation, Marxist metaphysics provides a powerful framework for understanding the nature of reality and working towards social change.