What Is the Main Idea of Social Learning Theory Quizlet Psychology?


Diego Sanchez

Social learning theory is a psychological theory that explains how people learn from observing, imitating, and modeling the behavior of others. This theory was developed by Albert Bandura, a Canadian psychologist in the 1970s. The main idea of social learning theory quizlet psychology is that individuals learn through observation and social interaction.

Observational Learning:
Observational learning is a key component of social learning theory. It involves observing the behavior of others, retaining information about their behavior, and then replicating it in one’s own life. This process happens through three main stages: attention, retention, and reproduction.

Social Interaction:
Social interaction is another critical component of social learning theory. Individuals learn by interacting with others in their environment. Social interactions can be direct or indirect and can occur in numerous settings such as school, work, or home.

Role Models:

In social learning theory quizlet psychology, role models are individuals who exhibit certain behaviors that others want to replicate. Role models can be anyone from parents to celebrities to peers. The behavior exhibited by role models can be anything from positive to negative.


Reinforcement is another crucial aspect of social learning theory. Reinforcement refers to the consequences that follow a behavior. In the context of social learning theory quizlet psychology, reinforcement can either increase or decrease the likelihood of an individual repeating a particular behavior.

  • Positive Reinforcement: when a person receives something desirable after exhibiting certain behavior
  • Negative Reinforcement: when an undesirable stimulus is removed after exhibiting certain behavior.
  • Punishment: when an individual receives something undesirable after exhibiting certain behavior.


Social learning theory has numerous applications in various fields such as education, psychology, and criminology. Educators can use the principles of social learning theory to create a positive learning environment for students.

Psychologists can use social learning theory to understand how individuals develop certain behaviors and attitudes. Criminologists can use this theory to understand why certain individuals engage in criminal behavior.

In conclusion, the main idea of social learning theory quizlet psychology is that people learn through observation and interaction with their environment. The theory emphasizes the role of role models, reinforcement, and social interaction in shaping an individual’s behavior. Social learning theory has numerous applications in various fields and provides a valuable framework for understanding how individuals learn and develop in their environment.