Social Control Theory is a widely recognized criminological theory that explains why people conform to social norms. It posits that individuals are naturally inclined to engage in deviant behavior, but they refrain from doing so because of the presence of social controls. These social controls, which include the fear of punishment and the desire for approval, are what keep people in line.

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The Four Elements of Social Bonding

Social bonding refers to the various ties and connections an individual has with society. According to Social Control Theory, the stronger an individual’s social bonds are, the less likely they are to engage in deviant behavior. The four elements of social bonding are:

Hirschi’s Social Control Theory

Travis Hirschi was a criminologist who developed one of the most influential versions of Social Control Theory. His theory states that individuals who have weak bonds with society are more likely to engage in deviant behavior than those who have strong bonds.

According to Hirschi’s theory, there are four types of bonds that individuals can have with society:

Critiques of Social Control Theory

Despite its popularity, Social Control Theory is not without its critics. Some argue that it assumes a level of conformity that does not exist in reality. Others contend that it places too much emphasis on the individual’s relationship with society, ignoring the broader social and economic factors that contribute to deviant behavior.


Social Control Theory Quizlet is a valuable resource for students who want to learn more about this criminological theory. Its flashcard sets cover key concepts such as the four elements of social bonding, Hirschi’s Social Control Theory, and critiques of the theory. By studying these concepts, students can gain a better understanding of why people conform to social norms and why some individuals engage in deviant behavior despite social controls.