What Is OCP in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory?


Diego Sanchez

If you are a fan of the Splinter Cell game series, you might have come across the term OCP. But what exactly is OCP, and how does it work in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory?

OCP stands for Optical Cable Probe, which is a gadget that Sam Fisher, the protagonist of the Splinter Cell series, uses to hack or disable electronic devices. In Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, OCP is an essential tool that helps Sam complete his missions by disabling security cameras, lights, and other electronic devices.

The Working of OCP

The Optical Cable Probe works by hacking into electronic devices and disrupting their power supply. It does this by sending an electromagnetic pulse through the device’s circuits, causing them to malfunction temporarily. This allows Sam to pass through undetected or take down enemies with ease.

Disabling Security Cameras

One of the primary uses of OCP in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is disabling security cameras. Security cameras can detect Sam’s presence and alert guards if he is not careful. By using OCP on a security camera, Sam can temporarily disable it and sneak past without getting detected.

Disrupting Lights

Another use of OCP is disrupting lights. By hacking into a light source with his Optical Cable Probe, Sam can temporarily turn off the lights in a room or corridor. This provides him with cover to sneak past enemies or take them down without being seen.

Hacking Computers

OCP can also be used to hack into computers. By attaching the probe to a computer’s port, Sam can gain access to its files and databases without triggering any alarms or alerts.

The Advantages of Using OCP

Using OCP has several advantages for players in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory:

  • It allows players to disable security cameras and lights, making it easier to sneak past enemies undetected.
  • It makes hacking into computers and other electronic devices easier without triggering any alarms or alerts.
  • It can also be used to create distractions by temporarily disabling devices, allowing players to take down enemies without being detected.

The Limitations of Using OCP

While OCP is a useful gadget in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, it does have its limitations:

  • OCP can only be used on certain types of electronic devices, and not all of them can be disabled or hacked.
  • The effects of OCP are temporary and only last for a few seconds. Players need to time their actions carefully to take advantage of the disruption caused by the Optical Cable Probe.
  • Using OCP on certain devices might trigger alarms or alerts, which can alert guards and make the mission more difficult.

In Conclusion

OCP is an essential gadget in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory that allows players to disable security cameras, lights, and hack into computers without triggering alarms or alerts. While it has its limitations, using OCP strategically can make missions easier and more manageable. So, if you are playing Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, don’t forget to use your Optical Cable Probe!