What Is Game Theory at Yale?


Jane Flores

Game Theory is a fascinating field of study that has gained immense popularity over the years. It is a subject that looks at how people make decisions and interact with each other in different situations. Game Theory has been studied at various universities across the world, but it holds a special place in Yale University.

What Is Game Theory?

Game Theory is a mathematical framework that studies decision-making in conflict scenarios where the outcome depends on the decisions of multiple entities. These entities can be individuals, groups, or nations.

The primary goal of Game Theory is to understand how these entities make decisions and how those decisions impact each other. It attempts to predict what course of action each entity might take by analyzing their behavior, preferences, and incentives.

Game Theory at Yale

Yale University has been at the forefront of Game Theory research for several decades now. The institution has a dedicated department for Economics, which houses some of the most prominent figures in Game Theory research.

One of the most notable figures at Yale’s Economics department is Professor John Geanakoplos. He is widely regarded as an expert in Game Theory and its applications in economics. He was one of the pioneers who helped establish Yale’s reputation as a center for Game Theory research.

The Evolution of Game Theory Research at Yale

Over the years, Yale’s Economics department has produced numerous influential papers on Game Theory. Some notable works include:

  • “The Folk Theorem in Repeated Games with Discounting or with Incomplete Information” by Drew Fudenberg and David Levine.
  • “A Behavioral Model of Bargaining with Endogenous Types” by Dirk Bergemann and Stephen Morris.
  • “Rationalizable Strategic Behavior” by Eddie Dekel and Drew Fudenberg.

These papers have made significant contributions to our understanding of Game Theory and its applications in different fields.

The Yale School of Game Theory

Yale’s Economics department has been instrumental in shaping the way people think about Game Theory. It has produced several prominent scholars who have gone on to become leading figures in the field.

The institution also hosts an annual conference on Game Theory called the Yale School of Game Theory. The conference brings together some of the brightest minds in Game Theory research to discuss new ideas and developments.


In conclusion, Game Theory is a fascinating subject that has gained immense popularity over the years. Yale University has been at the forefront of Game Theory research for several decades now, producing several prominent scholars and influential papers. The institution’s dedication to this field has helped shape our understanding of decision-making in conflict scenarios and its impact on various fields.