Cognitive psychology is a fascinating field of study that deals with how the human mind processes information. It seeks to understand how we perceive, learn, remember, and think about the world around us. In this article, we will explore the meaning of cognitive psychology and its various subfields.

What is Cognitive Psychology?

Cognitive psychology can be defined as the study of mental processes such as attention, perception, memory, language, and problem-solving. It focuses on how the brain processes information and how this information influences behavior.

Unlike other branches of psychology that look at observable behavior to understand mental processes, cognitive psychology delves into internal mental processes that are not directly observable. This makes it a highly theoretical field that relies on experiments and research to validate theories.

Subfields of Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology is a vast field that encompasses several subfields. These subfields include:


Attention refers to our ability to focus on specific stimuli while ignoring others. This subfield explores factors that affect attention such as motivation, arousal level, and environmental stimuli.


Perception is concerned with how we interpret sensory information from the environment. This subfield explores factors such as selective attention, perceptual organization, and depth perception.


Memory is concerned with how we encode, store and retrieve information in our brains. This subfield explores factors such as working memory capacity, long-term memory consolidation and retrieval strategies.


Language is concerned with how humans develop language skills from infancy through adulthood. This subfield explores factors such as phonology (the study of sound patterns), semantics (the meaning of words) and syntax (the structure of sentences).


Problem-solving is concerned with how individuals approach complex problems and find solutions. This subfield explores factors such as decision-making, reasoning, and creativity.

Applications of Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology has several real-world applications, including:

In Conclusion

Cognitive psychology is a fascinating field that explores how humans process information. Its various subfields provide insights into different aspects of human cognition, making it a highly interdisciplinary field. With its wide range of applications, cognitive psychology continues to be an essential area of research in the fields of science and technology.