What Is a Major Concept in Lamarck’s Theory of Evolution?


Diego Sanchez

Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection is widely accepted as the basis for evolution. However, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck also had a theory of evolution that was popular in his time.

Lamarckian evolution proposes that organisms can acquire traits during their lifetime and pass them on to their offspring, leading to evolutionary change over time. One major concept in Lamarck’s theory is the idea of inheritance of acquired characteristics.

Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics

According to Lamarck, if an organism changes its behavior or uses a body part in a new way, it will develop new traits related to that behavior or use. These new traits can then be passed on to the organism’s offspring.

For example, if a giraffe stretches its neck to reach leaves high up in trees, its neck will gradually become longer over time. The acquired trait of longer necks can then be passed on to future generations.


Lamarck’s hypothesis was heavily criticized and ridiculed by scientists, including Darwin himself. One significant criticism was that acquired characteristics could not be passed on genetically because they result from changes in an individual organism’s phenotype rather than genotype (DNA). Therefore, Lamarck’s theory was regarded as scientifically untenable.

However, recent studies have suggested that there may be some truth to Lamarckian evolution after all. For example, epigenetic modifications – changes in gene expression caused by environmental factors such as diet or stress – can be passed down through generations without altering the DNA sequence itself.


Lamarckian evolution may have been discredited as a scientific theory due to lack of evidence and lack of understanding of genetics at the time. However, it still remains as an essential historical case study on how scientific theories develop and evolve over time. With advances in epigenetics and other fields, who knows what future research may reveal about the inheritance of acquired characteristics and its role in evolution.


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