A degree in health psychology is an interdisciplinary field that combines the principles of psychology with the study of health and wellness. This degree focuses on understanding how psychological factors influence physical health and well-being.

What is Health Psychology?

Health psychology is a field that examines how psychological, behavioral, and social factors affect physical health and illness. It explores the relationship between mind and body, including how thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and social interactions impact our overall health.

What Does a Degree in Health Psychology Involve?

A degree in health psychology typically involves coursework in both psychology and health-related topics. Core courses may include:

In addition to these core courses, students may also take specialized courses such as:

Career Options with a Degree in Health Psychology

Graduates with a degree in health psychology can find employment opportunities in various settings such as hospitals, clinics, research institutions, government agencies, private organizations or even as independent consultants. They may work as:


A degree in health psychology can be a challenging yet rewarding path for those interested in understanding the connection between mind and body, as well as helping individuals achieve optimal health and well-being. With a wide range of career options available, graduates have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to society by improving people’s lives through their work.