Goomba Game Theory was a YouTube channel that gained a lot of popularity in the gaming community for its in-depth analysis and theories about various video games. The channel’s host, MatPat, became a well-known figure in the gaming community due to his unique and entertaining approach to analyzing video games. However, fans of the channel have been wondering what happened to Goomba Game Theory and why it stopped producing content.

The Rise of Goomba Game Theory

Goomba Game Theory gained a lot of traction with its unique approach to analyzing video games. The host, MatPat, would delve deep into the lore and mechanics of games like “Five Nights at Freddy’s” and “Undertale” to uncover hidden secrets and theories about these games. His entertaining style made it easy for viewers to become invested in his theories and he quickly became one of the most popular creators on YouTube.

The Decline of Goomba Game Theory

Unfortunately, Goomba Game Theory’s popularity began to wane as MatPat started focusing more on other projects like his main channel, “The Game Theorists.” While he continued to produce content for Goomba Game Theory sporadically, it became clear that it was no longer his main priority.

Another factor that contributed to the decline of Goomba Game Theory was YouTube’s algorithm changes. As YouTube started prioritizing longer videos with higher watch times, channels like Goomba Game Theory that focused on shorter videos suffered.

The Future of Goomba Game Theory

Despite the decline in popularity, there is still hope for Goomba Game Theory fans. MatPat has stated that he plans on bringing back the channel in some form or another. He has hinted at potentially doing live streams or creating shorter videos specifically for the channel.

Regardless of what form it takes, fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Goomba Game Theory. It was a unique and entertaining channel that brought a fresh perspective to video game analysis. Hopefully, it will once again grace our screens with its engaging content.


In conclusion, Goomba Game Theory was a YouTube channel that gained a lot of popularity for its in-depth analysis and theories about video games. However, due to a variety of factors like the host’s focus on other projects and changes in YouTube’s algorithm, the channel’s popularity declined. Despite this, fans are hopeful for its return and are eagerly awaiting new content from one of the most unique creators in the gaming community.