What Happened to Culture Shock on Game Theory?


Vincent White

If you’ve been a fan of Game Theory, a popular YouTube channel that explores the science behind video games, you may have noticed the absence of one of its most iconic segments – Culture Shock. This series, which explored the cultural and historical references in video games, was beloved by many fans.

However, it seems to have disappeared without explanation. So what happened to Culture Shock on Game Theory?

The History of Culture Shock

Culture Shock first appeared on Game Theory in 2013 and quickly became a fan favorite. The series was hosted by Gaijin Goombah, a cultural analyst and YouTuber known for his expertise in Japanese culture and language.

Each episode focused on a different video game and examined the cultural references that inspired its design and story. Gaijin Goombah’s entertaining and informative approach made the series accessible to both casual gamers and hardcore fans.

The Disappearance of Culture Shock

Despite its popularity, Culture Shock suddenly stopped airing new episodes in 2018. Fans were left wondering what had happened to their favorite series and why it had been discontinued.

In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread from October 2019, MatPat, the creator of Game Theory, addressed the absence of Culture Shock. He explained that Gaijin Goombah had left the channel due to personal reasons and that he had not been able to find a replacement host who could match his level of expertise and enthusiasm for cultural analysis.

While this explanation provided some closure for fans, it also left them disappointed that they would no longer be able to enjoy new episodes of Culture Shock.

  • The Impact of Culture Shock

Culture Shock was more than just an entertaining YouTube series – it also had a significant impact on how gamers view video games as an art form. By examining the cultural references in video games, Gaijin Goombah helped to legitimize the medium as a form of cultural expression. He also helped to bridge the gap between different cultures by highlighting the similarities and differences between them.

The Legacy of Culture Shock

Although Culture Shock may no longer be airing new episodes, its impact can still be felt in the gaming community. Many other YouTubers and content creators have taken up the mantle of cultural analysis, exploring the historical and cultural references in video games.

In addition, Gaijin Goombah has continued to produce content on his own YouTube channel and has even written a book on Japanese culture in video games. His legacy lives on through his fans and fellow content creators who continue to explore the rich cultural tapestry of video games.


While it’s sad that Culture Shock is no longer airing new episodes, it’s important to remember the impact that it had on both gaming culture and popular culture as a whole. By examining the cultural references in video games, Gaijin Goombah helped to legitimize gaming as an art form and opened up new avenues for exploration and analysis. Although we may never see another episode of Culture Shock again, its legacy will continue to inspire gamers and cultural analysts for years to come.