What Happened to Austin Game Theory?


Diego Sanchez

If you’re a fan of game theory videos on YouTube, then you must have heard about Austin Game Theory. This channel was known for its engaging content that explored the science behind various games.

However, if you try to access the channel now, you’ll find that it’s no longer active. So, what happened to Austin Game Theory?

The Rise of Austin Game Theory

Austin Game Theory was created by Austin McConnell in 2013. His first video titled “The Science of Sword Fighting in Video Games” gained significant attention and set the tone for the rest of his content. He continued to create videos explaining the science behind various games such as “The Science of Mario’s Jump”, “The Science of Minecraft”, and “The Science of Portal’s Physics”.

His style was unique as he used humor, wit, and storytelling to explain complex concepts in a fun and engaging way. As a result, his channel grew rapidly, and he amassed over 500K subscribers.

What Happened?

In 2019, Austin announced that he would be taking a break from creating content due to personal reasons. He cited that he needed time to focus on his mental health and other personal issues that required his attention.

This announcement came as a shock to his fans who had grown accustomed to his regular uploads. However, many were supportive and understood the importance of prioritizing one’s mental health.

Since then, there have been no new uploads on his channel, and it remains inactive till date.

The Legacy of Austin Game Theory

Even though there are no new uploads on his channel, Austin Game Theory still has a lasting impact on the gaming community. His videos continue to be watched by millions of people who appreciate his unique approach to explaining complex game mechanics.

Many creators have also been inspired by his style and have gone ahead to create similar content such as MatPat’s Game Theory and Mark Brown’s Game Maker’s Toolkit.

In conclusion, Austin Game Theory may no longer be active, but its impact on the gaming community is undeniable. It serves as a reminder that creators are human too and should prioritize their well-being above all else.