What Game Theory Means?


Diego Sanchez

Game theory is a branch of mathematics that deals with the analysis of strategies adopted by individuals or groups in various competitive situations. It is a study of decision-making that involves mathematical models, which are used to analyze and predict the outcomes of different scenarios.

What is the purpose of game theory?

The purpose of game theory is to understand how people make decisions and interact with each other in competitive situations. It is used to analyze the behavior of individuals or groups in different scenarios such as economics, politics, psychology, sociology, and biology.

How does game theory work?

Game theory works on the assumption that individuals or groups are rational and act in their self-interest. It analyzes the strategies adopted by players in a game and predicts the outcome based on those strategies.

Types of games in game theory

There are several types of games studied in game theory:

  • Prisoner’s Dilemma
  • Battle of Sexes
  • Chicken Game
  • Ultimatum Game
  • Matching Pennies

The Nash Equilibrium

The Nash Equilibrium is a concept introduced by John Nash, which states that every player in a game has a strategy that is optimal for them given the strategies adopted by all other players. In other words, no player can improve their position by changing their strategy if all other players keep their strategies unchanged.

Applications of Game Theory

Game theory has several applications across various fields such as economics, politics, sociology, biology, psychology, and computer science. Some examples include:

  • In economics: Game theory is used to analyze pricing strategies adopted by firms and predict market outcomes.
  • In politics: Game theory is used to analyze voting behavior and election outcomes.
  • In biology: Game theory is used to study animal behavior and evolution of species.
  • In psychology: Game theory is used to study human behavior and decision-making.
  • In computer science: Game theory is used to design algorithms for artificial intelligence and machine learning.


In conclusion, game theory is a powerful tool that helps us understand how people make decisions in competitive situations. It has applications across various fields and has helped us gain insights into human behavior. Understanding game theory can help us make better decisions in our personal and professional lives.