The theory of evolution has been a topic of debate for many years, with individuals on both sides of the argument presenting their views. While some argue that the theory of evolution contradicts religious beliefs, others believe that it is possible to reconcile science and faith. In this article, we will take a closer look at what the church says about the theory of evolution.

What Is the Theory of Evolution?

The theory of evolution is based on the idea that all living organisms have evolved over time from a common ancestor. This process occurs through natural selection, which favors traits that are advantageous for survival in a particular environment. Over time, these traits become more prevalent in a population, leading to new species.

The Catholic Church’s Stance on Evolution

The Catholic Church has been supportive of the theory of evolution since 1950, when Pope Pius XII issued an encyclical stating that there was no conflict between Catholic doctrine and the theory of evolution. The Church recognizes that scientific discoveries can help us better understand God’s creation and has encouraged Catholics to be open to scientific inquiry.

The Role of God in Evolution

While the Church accepts the theory of evolution, it also emphasizes the role of God in creation. According to Catholic teaching, God is responsible for creating all life and guiding its development over time. In this sense, evolution can be seen as one way in which God works in His creation.

Human Origins

One area where there is still some debate within the Church is human origins. While it is accepted that humans evolved from earlier primates, there are differing opinions on whether or not they were created directly by God or if their development was guided by Him. Some Catholics believe in a literal interpretation of Genesis, while others view it as a metaphorical account.


In summary, while the theory of evolution has been a topic of debate between science and religion, the Catholic Church has taken a stance that accepts it as a valid scientific theory. The Church recognizes the role of God in creation and encourages Catholics to be open to scientific inquiry. While there may be differing opinions on human origins, the Church’s acceptance of evolution shows that faith and science can work together to help us better understand God’s creation.