Social Judgement Theory (SJT) is a communication theory that suggests how individuals form and change their attitudes towards certain ideas, beliefs, or behaviors based on social cues or judgments. It explains how people evaluate persuasive messages and interpret them based on their pre-existing attitudes. Quizlet, the popular online learning platform, provides an excellent resource to learn about this theory and its key concepts.

What Is Social Judgement Theory?

Social Judgement Theory is a model that describes how individuals receive, interpret, and evaluate persuasive messages based on their initial attitude towards the topic. According to this theory, people have a range of attitudes towards various issues or beliefs that they hold with varying degrees of certainty and importance.

Latitudes Of Acceptance And Rejection

The central concept of SJT is the latitudes of acceptance and rejection. These are the ranges of attitudes that individuals hold towards a particular idea or belief.

The latitude of acceptance refers to the range of opinions that an individual is willing to accept as reasonable or valid. On the other hand, the latitude of rejection represents the range of opinions that an individual considers unreasonable or invalid.

Ego-Involvement And Contrast Effects

Another crucial aspect of SJT is ego-involvement, which refers to how personally invested individuals are in a particular issue or belief. When people are highly ego-involved in a topic, they tend to have narrower latitudes of acceptance and rejection.

Additionally, contrast effects can also impact how people perceive persuasive messages. If an argument falls outside an individual’s latitude of acceptance or rejection, it may trigger a contrast effect that pushes them further away from accepting it.

What Does Quizlet Suggest About Social Judgement Theory?

Quizlet provides various resources for learners to explore Social Judgment Theory in-depth. Here are some suggested Quizlet sets:

Quizlet suggests that to master Social Judgment Theory, learners should familiarize themselves with its key concepts, models, and applications. They should also understand how SJT relates to other communication and social psychology theories.


Social Judgement Theory is a crucial concept in communication theory that explains how people receive and interpret persuasive messages. Quizlet provides several resources for learners to explore this theory in-depth. By understanding the key concepts of SJT, learners can become better communicators and critical thinkers who can evaluate persuasive messages more effectively.