What Does Darwin’s Theory of Evolution State Quizlet?


Diego Sanchez

Darwin’s theory of evolution is a fundamental concept in the field of biology. It provides an explanation for how species evolve over time through the process of natural selection. The theory was initially proposed by Charles Darwin in his book “On the Origin of Species” in 1859.

What is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution?

At its core, Darwin’s theory of evolution states that species change and adapt over time in response to their environment. The basic idea is that organisms that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce, passing on their advantageous traits to their offspring.

Natural Selection

The process by which this occurs is called natural selection. Essentially, it involves four basic steps:

  • Variation: Individuals within a population have different traits.
  • Heredity: Some traits are passed down from parents to offspring.
  • Differential survival: Some individuals with certain traits survive and reproduce better than others.
  • Reproduction: Individuals with advantageous traits pass those traits on to their offspring.

Through this process, over long periods of time, species can change and adapt to better suit their environment.

The Evidence for Evolution

There is a wealth of evidence supporting the theory of evolution. For example:

  • Fossil records show how organisms have changed over time.
  • Comparative anatomy shows how different species share similar structures, indicating common ancestry.
  • Biogeography shows how certain species are found only in certain regions, indicating they evolved there over time.
  • Molecular biology shows how all living things share common genetic material, again indicating common ancestry.

The Impact of Darwin’s Theory

Darwin’s theory of evolution has had a profound impact on our understanding of biology and the natural world. It has helped us to understand how species change over time and how they are related to one another. It has also led to important advancements in fields such as medicine and agriculture.


In conclusion, Darwin’s theory of evolution is a fundamental concept in biology. It explains how species evolve over time through the process of natural selection, and is supported by a wealth of evidence. Its impact on our understanding of the natural world cannot be overstated, and it continues to shape our understanding of biology today.