What Did Floyd Allport’s Brand of Social Psychology Emphasize?


Diego Sanchez

Floyd Allport was a prominent social psychologist who made significant contributions to the field. His brand of social psychology emphasized several key aspects that shaped the way we understand human behavior today.

The Study of Social Interaction

Allport’s approach to social psychology placed a strong emphasis on the study of social interaction. He believed that understanding how individuals interact with each other is crucial for comprehending human behavior in various contexts.

The Role of Attitudes

Attitudes played a central role in Allport’s brand of social psychology. He believed that attitudes are essential components of an individual’s personality and have a profound impact on behavior. According to Allport, attitudes can shape how people perceive and respond to different social situations.

Understanding Prejudice and Stereotypes

Allport was also interested in prejudice and stereotypes. He recognized that these phenomena have detrimental effects on society and individuals. Allport’s research focused on understanding the causes of prejudice, as well as exploring ways to reduce its impact.

The Contact Hypothesis

One of Allport’s notable contributions was the development of the Contact Hypothesis. This theory proposes that intergroup contact, especially under certain favorable conditions, can lead to reduced prejudice between different groups.

Social Integration Theory

Allport also formulated the Social Integration Theory, which suggests that prejudice arises due to lack of contact and interaction between different groups. To combat this, he advocated for increased contact between diverse groups to promote understanding and acceptance.

The Importance of Psychology in Social Issues

Allport firmly believed in applying psychological principles to social issues. He believed that social psychology should not be limited to theoretical research but should also be used to address real-world problems. Allport’s work inspired future generations of social psychologists to actively engage in the study of social issues and contribute to positive societal change.


In summary, Floyd Allport’s brand of social psychology emphasized the study of social interaction, the role of attitudes, understanding prejudice and stereotypes, and applying psychological principles to social issues. Through his theories and research, he made significant contributions that continue to shape the field of social psychology today.