What Course Is Game Theory?


Martha Robinson

Game Theory is a fascinating field of study that has been gaining popularity over the years due to its extensive application in various fields such as economics, politics, and even psychology. But what exactly is Game Theory, and what course is it?

Game Theory can be defined as the study of decision-making in situations where multiple individuals or groups are involved. It aims to understand how people make decisions, how they interact with each other, and how they strategize to achieve their goals in a competitive environment.

If you are interested in learning about Game Theory, you can take up a course in this subject. The course will typically cover the basics of Game Theory and its applications across different fields. Some of the topics that may be covered in a typical Game Theory course include:

Introduction to Game Theory

The first few sessions of the course will usually provide an introduction to the fundamental concepts of Game Theory. This includes an overview of key terms like ‘players’, ‘strategies’, ‘payoffs’, and ‘equilibrium’. The instructor may also introduce various models used in game theory such as Nash Equilibrium, Prisoner’s Dilemma, and Stag Hunt.

Applications of Game Theory

Once you have a basic understanding of the concepts involved in Game Theory, you will learn about its applications across different fields. For example, you may learn about how it is used in economics to study oligopoly markets or auction design. You may also explore its relevance to political science through topics like voting systems or international relations.

Advanced Topics

In addition to covering the basics and applications of game theory, some courses also delve into more advanced topics. This could include exploring topics like repeated games, evolutionary game theory or mechanism design.

Research Project

Finally, many courses may require students to complete a research project on a topic related to game theory. This could involve conducting experiments, analyzing data, or applying game theory to real-world scenarios.


In conclusion, Game Theory is a fascinating subject that has widespread applications in various fields. A course in Game Theory can provide you with a solid foundation in the subject and help you understand how to apply it to real-world scenarios. So if you are interested in learning about decision-making, strategy, and competition, then a course in Game Theory might just be the perfect fit for you!