Metaphysics is a discipline of philosophy that explores the fundamental nature of reality. It deals with questions about existence, causality, time, space, and the relationship between mind and matter.

But what category does metaphysics fall under? Let’s dive into this question with some clarity.

What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is one of the major branches of philosophy, along with ethics, logic, and epistemology. It is concerned with questions about the nature of reality that cannot be answered by empirical evidence alone. Metaphysicians use reason and intuition to explore concepts such as being, substance, identity, causality, and space-time.

History of Metaphysics

The term “metaphysics” was coined by Aristotle in his works after his works on physics. Aristotle defined metaphysics as the study of “being qua being,” or the study of existence itself. Over time, other philosophers have expanded on this concept and developed their own theories about metaphysical concepts.

Some notable philosophers who have contributed to the field of metaphysics include René Descartes, Immanuel Kant, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, and David Lewis.

Categories of Philosophy

Philosophy can be divided into several categories or branches based on its subject matter. The main categories are:


Epistemology deals with knowledge and belief. This branch seeks to answer questions about how we know what we know and whether knowledge is possible at all.


Logic studies reasoning and argumentation. It examines how we can arrive at valid conclusions from premises.


Ethics deals with morality and how we ought to behave in various situations. It explores questions about right and wrong actions, virtues and vices, justice, etc.


Aesthetics is concerned with beauty, art, and taste. It examines questions about why we find certain things beautiful, how art affects us emotionally, etc.


Metaphysics deals with the fundamental nature of reality. It explores questions about the existence of God, the nature of time and space, causality, etc.


In conclusion, metaphysics falls under the category of philosophy. It is one of the major branches of philosophy that deals with questions about the fundamental nature of reality.

While it cannot be answered by empirical evidence alone, metaphysics uses reason and intuition to explore these concepts. By understanding the different categories of philosophy, we can gain a better understanding of how different branches relate to each other and how they contribute to our knowledge and understanding of the world around us.