What Can You Do With an Experimental Psychology Degree?


Diego Sanchez

Have you ever wondered what you can do with an experimental psychology degree? Psychology is a fascinating field that explores human behavior and mental processes, and experimental psychology delves deeper into the scientific study of these topics.

If you’re interested in pursuing this degree, you’ll have a range of career options to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at some of the paths you can take with an experimental psychology degree.


One of the most common career paths for those with an experimental psychology degree is becoming a researcher. As an experimental psychologist, you’ll conduct research studies to explore various aspects of human behavior and mental processes.

This can involve designing experiments, collecting data, analyzing results, and publishing findings in academic journals. You may work in academia or private research institutions.


If you enjoy teaching and mentoring others, pursuing an academic career may be a good fit for you. With an experimental psychology degree, you could become a professor at a college or university. In addition to teaching courses related to your area of expertise, you’ll also conduct research studies and publish findings in academic journals.

Clinical Psychologist

While experimental psychology focuses on research, it can also lead to a career as a clinical psychologist. With additional training beyond your undergraduate degree, you can become licensed to diagnose and treat mental health disorders in patients. Clinical psychologists often work in private practice or healthcare settings.

Human Resources

Another career path that utilizes the skills gained from an experimental psychology degree is working in human resources (HR). HR professionals are responsible for hiring and managing employees within organizations. They use their understanding of human behavior and motivation to create effective workplace environments.

Marketing Researcher

Marketing researchers use their knowledge of consumer behavior to help companies develop effective marketing strategies. With an experimental psychology degree, you’ll be equipped to conduct market research studies and analyze data to identify consumer trends and preferences.


As you can see, there are many career paths to choose from with an experimental psychology degree. Whether you want to become a researcher, academic, clinical psychologist, HR professional, or marketing researcher, your degree will provide you with a strong foundation in the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes.

Consider your interests and goals carefully as you explore these career options. With hard work and dedication, you can find a fulfilling career in this exciting field.