Are you pursuing an Associate of Science (AS) degree in Psychology or considering it? It’s natural to wonder about the career options available after completing your degree.

What is an AS degree in Psychology?

An AS degree in Psychology is a two-year program that provides students with an understanding of human behavior and mental processes. It covers topics such as social psychology, abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, and cognitive psychology. Students also learn research methods and statistical analysis used in psychology.

Career Options with an AS Degree in Psychology

1. Psychiatric Technician: A psychiatric technician works closely with patients who have mental illness or developmental disabilities. They assist patients with daily activities, administer medication, and monitor progress.

2. Social Service Assistant: Social service assistants work for government agencies or non-profit organizations to help people in need. They may assist individuals or families with food stamps, housing assistance, or other services.

3. Behavioral Health Technician: A behavioral health technician works with patients who have addiction or mental health issues. They assist licensed professionals in implementing treatment plans and helping patients manage their symptoms.

4. Research Assistant: Research assistants work in university labs or research facilities to conduct studies on human behavior and cognition. They may assist with data collection, participant recruitment, and data analysis.

5. Crisis Counselor: Crisis counselors work for crisis hotlines or non-profit organizations to provide support to people experiencing emotional distress or crisis situations.

The Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Psychology


Diverse Career Paths:

The field of psychology offers numerous career paths that cater to different interests and skill sets.

Fulfilling Work:

Many careers in psychology involve helping people overcome challenges and improve their lives, which can be personally fulfilling.

Personal Growth:

Pursuing a career in psychology often involves self-reflection and personal growth as you learn about human behavior and mental processes.

Job Security:

The demand for mental health services is increasing, which means there will be a need for skilled professionals in the field.

Continued Education:

An AS degree is just the beginning of your education in psychology. Many careers in the field require advanced degrees, which provide opportunities for continued learning and professional growth.


An AS degree in Psychology can lead to a variety of rewarding careers that help people improve their lives. Whether you choose to pursue a career as a psychiatric technician or a research assistant, there are many options available to you. Additionally, pursuing a career in psychology can provide personal fulfillment and job security while also offering opportunities for continued education and professional growth.