What Can You Do With a Two-Year Psychology Degree?


Martha Robinson

What Can You Do With a Two-Year Psychology Degree?

If you have recently completed your two-year psychology degree, you may be wondering about the opportunities that await you in the field. While a two-year psychology degree is not as comprehensive as a four-year bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree, it can still provide you with a solid foundation in psychology and open doors to various career paths.

Research Assistant

A research assistant position is a common entry-level job for individuals with a two-year psychology degree. As a research assistant, you will work closely with psychologists and other professionals to conduct research studies.

Your responsibilities may include collecting data, administering tests, and analyzing results. This role allows you to gain practical experience in research methods and techniques.

Case Manager

With a two-year psychology degree, you can also pursue a career as a case manager. Case managers work with individuals who are experiencing mental health issues or other challenges.

They assess their clients’ needs, develop treatment plans, and connect them with appropriate resources and services. A strong understanding of psychology can be invaluable in this role.

Social Services

Many social services organizations require individuals with knowledge of psychology to support their clients. Whether it’s working with children in foster care, assisting individuals struggling with addiction, or providing counseling to domestic violence survivors, your two-year degree in psychology can make you eligible for various positions within social services.

Behavioral Health Technician

A behavioral health technician assists psychologists and other mental health professionals in assessing and treating patients. In this role, you may provide direct care to patients by monitoring their behavior, implementing treatment plans, and documenting progress. It’s an excellent opportunity to apply your knowledge of psychological principles in real-world settings.

Educational Assistant

If you are interested in working with children or adolescents, a two-year psychology degree can qualify you for positions as an educational assistant. In this role, you may work in schools and support teachers in implementing strategies to address behavioral and academic challenges. Your understanding of psychology will help you better understand and support students’ needs.

Continuing Education

While a two-year psychology degree can lead to entry-level positions, many individuals choose to further their education to advance their careers. With additional training and education, you can pursue careers such as counseling, social work, or even become a licensed psychologist. Continuing your education allows for greater specialization and more extensive job opportunities.

In Conclusion

A two-year psychology degree can provide a solid foundation for various career paths in the field of psychology. Whether you choose to start working immediately or continue your education, the knowledge and skills gained from your degree will be valuable throughout your professional journey. Consider the different options available to you and explore how your passion for psychology can be applied in different settings.