What Can You Do With a Psychology and Social Work Degree?

If you have a passion for understanding human behavior and a desire to make a positive impact on individuals and communities, pursuing a degree in psychology and social work can open up a world of career opportunities for you. Combining the knowledge of psychology with the skills of social work can equip you with a versatile skill set that is highly valued in various professional fields.

Here are some exciting career paths you can explore with a psychology and social work degree:

1. Clinical Social Worker

A clinical social worker is responsible for diagnosing and treating mental health disorders.

With your combined knowledge of psychology and social work, you can provide counseling services to individuals, families, or groups struggling with emotional or behavioral issues. Your expertise in understanding the complexities of human behavior will enable you to develop effective treatment plans tailored to meet their unique needs.

2. School Counselor

As a school counselor, you will play an essential role in supporting students’ emotional well-being and academic success.

Your understanding of child development and psychological principles will enable you to provide guidance to students facing challenges such as bullying, family issues, or academic difficulties. You will also collaborate with teachers and parents to create safe and supportive learning environments.

3. Community Outreach Coordinator

A community outreach coordinator works closely with organizations to develop programs that address the needs of specific populations within the community.

With your background in psychology and social work, you can design initiatives aimed at promoting mental health awareness, preventing substance abuse, or providing support for marginalized groups. Your role will involve building partnerships, organizing events, and advocating for resources.

4. Rehabilitation Specialist

As a rehabilitation specialist, you will assist individuals who are recovering from physical or mental health challenges.

With your expertise in psychology and social work, you can provide guidance and support to help them regain independence and improve their overall quality of life. Your role may include developing treatment plans, facilitating therapy sessions, and connecting individuals with community resources.

5. Human Resources Manager

A degree in psychology and social work can also pave the way for a career in human resources.

Your understanding of human behavior and interpersonal dynamics will be invaluable in managing employee relations, conflict resolution, and fostering a positive work environment. Your skills in communication, empathy, and problem-solving will enable you to recruit and retain talent effectively.


A degree in psychology and social work opens doors to diverse career paths that allow you to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Whether you choose to pursue clinical work, counseling, community outreach, rehabilitation, or human resources, your combined knowledge will equip you with the skills necessary to thrive in these fields. So embrace the possibilities that a psychology and social work degree offers and embark on a rewarding professional journey!