Are you passionate about music theory and considering pursuing a PhD in the field? You may be wondering what career opportunities await you upon completion of your degree. In this article, we will explore some of the exciting possibilities for those with a PhD in music theory.


One of the most obvious career paths for those with a PhD in music theory is academia. With your advanced degree, you can pursue a career as a professor or researcher at a university or college. This could involve teaching courses such as music history or composition, conducting research on various aspects of music theory, and publishing scholarly articles and books.

Music Critic/Journalist

If you have a love for writing and communicating about music, pursuing a career as a music critic or journalist may be an option. With your expertise in music theory, you can analyze and critique performances and recordings from an informed perspective. This could involve writing for publications such as newspapers, magazines, or online blogs.

Music Librarian

As a music theorist with an extensive knowledge of musical literature and history, working as a music librarian could be an excellent fit. You would be responsible for managing collections of musical materials such as scores, recordings, and books for academic institutions or public libraries. You may also assist researchers in finding resources related to their work.


With your advanced understanding of musical structures and techniques, you could pursue a career as a composer or arranger. This would involve creating original compositions or arrangements for various types of ensembles such as orchestras, bands, or choirs.


As a musicologist with expertise in music theory, you could conduct research on various aspects of musical history and culture. This could involve studying the development of musical styles throughout history or analyzing the cultural significance of music in different contexts.


A PhD in music theory opens up a world of exciting career possibilities. Whether you choose to pursue a career in academia, music criticism, library science, composition, or musicology, your advanced knowledge of music theory will be an asset. So if you have a passion for music and a desire to deepen your understanding of it, consider pursuing a PhD in music theory.