What Can I Do With Game Theory?


Jane Flores

Game theory is a branch of mathematics that studies strategic interactions between individuals or groups. It provides a framework for analyzing decision-making processes in situations where the outcome of one’s choice depends not only on their own actions but also on the actions of others.

Game theory has many applications in various fields, including economics, political science, psychology, and biology. In this article, we will explore some of the ways game theory can be used.


Game theory has been extensively applied in economic analysis. It provides a powerful tool for modeling market competition and predicting outcomes of different economic policies.

For example, game theory can be used to analyze oligopoly markets where a small number of firms dominate the market. By modeling the strategies of each firm and their likely outcomes, economists can predict how prices and production levels may change over time.

Political Science

Game theory is also used in political science to study international relations and conflicts between nations. By modeling actions and strategies of different countries, game theorists can predict the likelihood and outcomes of conflicts. Game theory can also be used to analyze voting systems and political campaigns.


Game theory has been applied in psychology to study social interactions between individuals. It provides a framework for understanding how people make decisions in situations where they must consider the actions of others. Game theorists have studied cooperation and trust in social dilemmas such as the prisoner’s dilemma or public goods games.


Game theory has been applied in biology to study evolutionary dynamics and animal behavior. By modeling different strategies adopted by animals during competition for resources or mates, biologists can predict which strategies are most successful over time.


In conclusion, game theory is a powerful tool that has many applications across various fields. It provides a framework for analyzing decision-making processes in complex situations where multiple parties are involved. Whether you are an economist, political scientist, psychologist, or biologist, game theory can provide valuable insights into your field of study.