Are you interested in psychology but also have a passion for business and management? If so, then a degree in industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology might be the perfect fit for you.

But what exactly can you do with an I-O psychology degree? Let’s explore some of the options.

What is I-O Psychology?

Before diving into career options, it’s important to understand what I-O psychology is all about. Industrial-organizational psychologists focus on applying psychological principles and theories to workplace environments to improve productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall organizational effectiveness.

Some common areas of focus within I-O psychology include employee selection and assessment, training and development, performance management, leadership development, and organizational culture.

Career Options

Now that we have a basic understanding of what I-O psychology entails, let’s take a look at some potential career paths for those with an I-O psychology degree:

Human Resources Manager

One popular career path for those with an I-O psychology degree is in human resources management. HR managers are responsible for overseeing various aspects of employee relations such as recruitment and hiring, training and development, compensation and benefits administration, and conflict resolution.

Having a background in I-O psychology can be particularly useful in this role as it provides a deep understanding of how to create effective selection processes, provide meaningful feedback on performance evaluations, and design training programs that improve performance.

Organizational Development Consultant

Another potential career path is as an organizational development consultant. In this role, you would work with organizations to identify areas where they could improve their overall effectiveness. This could include improving communication between departments or teams, developing leadership skills among managers or executives, or implementing changes to improve employee engagement or job satisfaction.

I-O psychologists are particularly well-suited to this type of work since they have the skills necessary to analyze data, diagnose problems, and design interventions that will lead to positive changes within an organization.

Training and Development Specialist

If you have a passion for helping people learn and grow, then a career as a training and development specialist might be the perfect fit for you. In this role, you would be responsible for designing and delivering training programs that help employees improve their skills and knowledge.

Having a degree in I-O psychology can be particularly valuable in this role since it provides a deep understanding of how people learn and what motivates them to engage in the learning process.


As you can see, there are many potential career paths for those with an I-O psychology degree. Whether you’re interested in human resources management, organizational development consulting, or training and development, having a background in I-O psychology can provide you with the skills necessary to succeed in these roles.

So if you’re interested in both psychology and business, consider pursuing a degree in industrial-organizational psychology. It could be the perfect fit for your interests and career goals.