What Can I Do With a Psychology and Economics Degree?


Martha Robinson

Have you ever considered pursuing a degree in both Psychology and Economics? While these two fields may seem vastly different, they actually have a lot in common.

Psychology and Economics both involve the study of human behavior, decision-making, and social interactions. So, what can you do with a degree in Psychology and Economics? Let’s explore some career options.

1. Behavioral Economist

If you are interested in the intersection of psychology and economics, then becoming a Behavioral Economist might be the perfect career path for you.

This field involves using psychological theories to understand consumer behavior and decision-making. As a Behavioral Economist, you could work for businesses or governments to help them make more informed decisions about pricing, marketing, or public policy.

2. Market Research Analyst

As a Market Research Analyst, you would use your knowledge of both psychology and economics to understand consumer preferences and behavior.

You would collect data through surveys or focus groups to help businesses make more informed decisions about their products or services. This field is growing rapidly as companies rely more on data to drive their decision-making.

3. Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Managers are responsible for hiring, training, and managing employees within organizations. With your background in psychology and economics, you would be well-suited for this role as it requires an understanding of human behavior as well as financial planning.

4. Financial Analyst

As a Financial Analyst, you would use your knowledge of economics to help businesses make informed financial decisions about investments or mergers/acquisitions. Your understanding of human behavior could also be useful in predicting market trends.

5. Social Psychologist

As a Social Psychologist, you would study how individuals interact with one another within social settings. Your background in economics could be useful in understanding how economic factors impact social interactions.

The Bottom Line

A degree in Psychology and Economics can open up a variety of career paths. Whether you are interested in business, government, or academia, your unique combination of knowledge and skills can be an asset in any field. So if you are considering pursuing this degree, don’t hesitate to explore the many opportunities available to you!