Are you considering a degree in school psychology but wondering what career paths it can lead you to? School psychology is a fascinating field that combines elements of psychology and education to support the academic, social, and emotional development of students. Here are some potential careers you could pursue with a degree in school psychology:

Educational Psychologist

As an educational psychologist, you would work with schools and other educational institutions to develop and implement programs that help students learn more effectively. You would use your knowledge of psychological principles to identify factors that may be hindering student learning and develop strategies for addressing them. You may also conduct research on education-related topics or provide training for teachers and other educational professionals.

School Psychologist

A school psychologist is a licensed professional who works directly with students, parents, teachers, and administrators to promote positive learning environments. You would assess students’ academic and emotional needs, develop individualized plans for addressing those needs, and provide counseling or other support as needed. You may also work with families to address social or behavioral issues that are affecting their children’s ability to learn.

Behavioral Specialist

As a behavioral specialist, you would work with students who have challenging behaviors that are interfering with their ability to learn or participate in school activities. You would use your knowledge of behavior management techniques to design interventions that help these students gain better control over their behaviors and succeed academically. You may also work with families to provide support and training on managing their children’s behaviors at home.


If you have an interest in conducting research related to education or child development, a degree in school psychology can prepare you for this type of career path. As a researcher, you may conduct studies on topics such as the effectiveness of different teaching strategies or interventions for improving student outcomes. Your research could inform policy decisions related to education or lead to the development of new programs or interventions.

Academic Advisor

As an academic advisor, you would work with students to help them choose courses and develop academic plans that align with their interests and goals. You would use your knowledge of psychology and education to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies for success. You may also provide support for students who are struggling academically or emotionally.


A degree in school psychology can open up a wide range of career paths that allow you to make a positive impact on the lives of students. Whether you choose to work directly with students as a school psychologist or behavioral specialist, conduct research on education-related topics, or pursue another career path, your knowledge and skills will be in high demand. Consider exploring this rewarding field further if you have a passion for helping others succeed in their academic and personal lives.