What Can I Do With a Criminology and Psychology Degree?

If you have a keen interest in understanding human behavior, the relationship between individuals and society, and have a passion for solving crimes, then pursuing a degree in Criminology and Psychology might be the perfect choice for you. This interdisciplinary field combines elements of both criminology and psychology, offering a wide range of career opportunities in various sectors.

Law Enforcement

A degree in Criminology and Psychology can open doors to diverse law enforcement careers. With your knowledge of criminal behavior and psychological factors that contribute to crime, you can work as a police officer, detective, or crime scene investigator. Your expertise will enable you to analyze criminal patterns, provide insights into offender behavior, and aid in solving complex cases.


The study of criminology and psychology can equip you with the necessary skills to work within correctional facilities such as prisons or rehabilitation centers. As a corrections officer or counselor, your understanding of human behavior will help you assess inmates’ needs, develop rehabilitation programs, and contribute to their successful reintegration into society upon release.

Forensic Psychology

If you’re fascinated by the intersection of psychology and the legal system, pursuing a career in forensic psychology could be an excellent path for you. As a forensic psychologist, your role involves assessing individuals involved in legal cases such as defendants or witnesses. You may also provide expert testimony in court regarding mental health issues or assist with jury selection processes.

Social Work

A Criminology and Psychology degree can prepare you for a rewarding career in social work. Your knowledge of human behavior combined with an understanding of societal issues will enable you to support individuals who have been affected by crime or are struggling with mental health problems. You may work in settings such as community organizations, shelters, or government agencies.

Research and Academia

If you have a passion for research and academia, pursuing a graduate degree in Criminology and Psychology can open doors to opportunities in research institutions or universities. As a researcher or professor, you can contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field, conduct studies on crime prevention, rehabilitation programs, or delve into the psychological aspects of criminal behavior.

Private Sector

A Criminology and Psychology degree can also be valuable in the private sector. Many companies are interested in hiring individuals with an understanding of human behavior to develop strategies for employee management, risk assessment, or security measures. Additionally, your analytical skills and ability to interpret data can be beneficial in market research or consulting roles.

In Conclusion

A degree in Criminology and Psychology offers an array of exciting career paths. Whether you choose to work in law enforcement, corrections, forensic psychology, social work, research, academia, or the private sector – your knowledge and skills will be highly sought after. So go ahead and pursue your passion for understanding human behavior while making a positive impact on society!