Are you interested in the fields of biology and psychology, but not sure what career paths are available to you with these degrees? Fortunately, there are many options to pursue with a degree in either or both of these disciplines. In this article, we will explore some of the potential career paths and opportunities that are available to graduates with a biology and psychology degree.

What is Biology?

Biology is the study of living organisms, including their structures, functions, and interactions with each other and their environment. It encompasses a wide range of topics such as genetics, ecology, anatomy, physiology, and evolution.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. It involves understanding how people think, feel, behave and interact with others. Some subfields within psychology include social psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology among others.

Career Paths with a Biology and Psychology Degree

1. Psychobiology Researcher

A psychobiology researcher studies the relationship between behavior and the biological functioning of the brain. As a researcher in this field you will use your knowledge of both biology and psychology to investigate topics such as stress responses or addiction.

2. Medical Scientist

Medical scientists conduct research on diseases and medical conditions to improve overall human health. A background in both biology and psychology can be beneficial for those interested in researching mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety.

3. Genetic Counselor

Genetic counselors help individuals understand genetic testing results or potential risks for certain genetic disorders. They work closely with patients to provide education about genetic testing options based on their family history.

4. Neuropsychologist

Neuropsychologists study how brain function affects behavior by evaluating patients who have experienced brain injuries or other neurological conditions. A background in both biology and psychology can be beneficial for those interested in pursuing this field.

5. Science Writer/Journalist

Science writers and journalists use their knowledge of science to write articles, books, and other materials for the general public. With a degree in biology and psychology, you could write about topics such as human behavior or the latest developments in genetics research.


A degree in biology and psychology can lead to many different career paths. Whether you want to work directly with patients, conduct research, or write about scientific discoveries, there are many opportunities available to those with a background in both of these fields. So if you have an interest in biology and psychology, consider pursuing a degree that will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in one of these rewarding careers.