The debate between the theory of evolution and the story of creation has been ongoing for years. While both have their own explanations of how life came to be, they differ significantly from each other. In this article, we will explore the main differences between the two theories.

What is the Theory of Evolution?

The theory of evolution is a scientific explanation that suggests that all living organisms on earth share a common ancestor. It proposes that organisms change over time through a process called natural selection. This happens when certain traits become more favorable in a particular environment, and therefore, get passed down to future generations.

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What is the Story of Creation?

The story of creation is a religious explanation that suggests that God created everything in six days. It states that God created everything from nothing and that humans were created in his image. According to this story, humans have dominion over all other living creatures.

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Main Differences

The main differences between these two theories lie in their approach and evidence:

The theory of evolution approaches life from a scientific standpoint where evidence is collected and analyzed to form conclusions. On the other hand, the story of creation approaches life from a religious standpoint where faith plays an important role.

The theory of evolution has extensive scientific evidence supporting it, such as fossils, DNA analysis, and observations of natural selection occurring in real-time. In contrast, the story of creation has no scientific evidence to support its claims.

The theory of evolution is based on scientific evidence and does not require belief. The story of creation, however, is based on faith and requires belief in a higher power.


In conclusion, the theory of evolution and the story of creation differ significantly from each other in terms of their approach, evidence, and belief. While the theory of evolution is widely accepted in the scientific community due to its extensive evidence base, the story of creation remains a matter of faith for those who believe in it. It is up to individuals to decide which explanation they subscribe to based on their own beliefs and understanding.