What Are the Ideas of Phenomenology?


Vincent White

Phenomenology is a philosophical approach that seeks to understand the essence of human consciousness and experience. It is a discipline that focuses on exploring the subjective experience of an individual, rather than objective reality. Phenomenology is concerned with understanding the world as it appears to human consciousness, rather than how it is objectively.

Phenomenology and its Origins

Phenomenology originated in the early 20th century with Edmund Husserl, a German philosopher who sought to develop a new method of philosophy that would allow us to investigate the nature of consciousness in a more rigorous way. Husserl believed that philosophy should focus on understanding the way in which we experience the world around us, rather than just analyzing abstract concepts.

Ideas of Phenomenology

There are several key ideas in phenomenology that help us understand this approach better:


One of the central ideas in phenomenology is intentionality. Intentionality refers to the way in which our consciousness is always directed towards something – whether it be an object, an idea or even an emotion. According to phenomenologists, our experiences are always intentional – they are always directed towards some object or aspect of the world.

Eidetic Reduction

Another key idea in phenomenology is eidetic reduction. This involves stripping away all subjective experiences or preconceptions from an object or situation so that we can examine its essential qualities. By doing this, we can gain a clearer understanding of what something really is, beyond our own personal experiences or interpretations.

Bridging Subjectivity and Objectivity

Phenomenologists seek to bridge the gap between subjectivity and objectivity by exploring how our subjective experiences relate to objective reality. They argue that by examining our subjective experiences more closely, we can gain a better understanding of the objective world around us.

Phenomenological Reduction

Phenomenological reduction involves suspending our preconceptions or assumptions about the world and looking at things in a fresh, new way. This allows us to see things as they really are, rather than through the lens of our own experiences or beliefs.


In conclusion, phenomenology is a philosophical approach that seeks to understand the essence of human consciousness and experience. Through ideas like intentionality, eidetic reduction, bridging subjectivity and objectivity and phenomenological reduction, phenomenologists aim to explore how we experience and understand the world around us. By understanding our subjective experiences more deeply, we can gain a better understanding of objective reality.