Should You Capitalize Clinical Psychology?


Clinical psychology is a field that focuses on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders. It plays a vital role in understanding and addressing various psychological issues faced by individuals.

However, there is often confusion regarding the capitalization of the term ‘clinical psychology.’ In this article, we will explore whether it should be capitalized or not.

The General Rules of Capitalization

Before diving into the specific case of ‘clinical psychology,’ let’s review the general rules of capitalization in English. Typically, proper nouns such as names of people, places, specific organizations, and titles are capitalized. On the other hand, common nouns such as everyday objects or general concepts are not capitalized.

Capitalizing Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology can be seen as a specialized branch within the broader field of psychology. While ‘psychology’ itself is a common noun and should not be capitalized unless it appears at the beginning of a sentence or in a title, ‘clinical psychology’ presents an interesting case.

When to Capitalize:

When not to Capitalize:


In conclusion, whether to capitalize ‘clinical psychology’ depends on its specific usage. While it is generally not capitalized in the context of regular sentence structure, it should be capitalized when it appears at the beginning of a sentence, in titles or headings, or as part of official names. By following these guidelines, you can ensure accurate and appropriate capitalization when discussing clinical psychology.