Psychology is a field that has been studied for centuries. It has been an area of interest for many people who want to understand human behavior, thoughts, and emotions.

However, the question of whether psychology is in humanities or social sciences has been a topic of debate for a long time. In this article, we will explore this question in detail.

What are Humanities?

Humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture, such as literature, philosophy, history, and art. They aim to understand the human experience through analysis and interpretation of cultural artifacts and texts. Humanities use qualitative methods of research such as interviews, observations, and analysis of texts.

What are Social Sciences?

Social sciences are academic disciplines that study human behavior and society. They include fields such as anthropology, sociology, political science, economics, and psychology. They aim to understand social phenomena through empirical research methods such as surveys, experiments, and case studies.

Where does Psychology fit?

Psychology is often considered a social science because it uses empirical research methods to study human behavior. Psychologists conduct experiments to test hypotheses about various aspects of human behavior such as memory, perception or personality traits.

However, there is also an argument that psychology belongs to the humanities because it deals with subjective experiences like emotions and thoughts which cannot be measured quantitatively. Psychology also borrows concepts from other humanities fields like philosophy (e.g., consciousness) or literature (e., narrative identity).

The Interdisciplinary Nature of Psychology

One reason why psychology is difficult to classify is its interdisciplinary nature. It draws on theories and methods from both humanities and social sciences fields depending on the research question being addressed.

For instance, when studying mental disorders like depression or anxiety disorders psychologists may use qualitative interview methods borrowed from humanities fields like sociology or anthropology to understand how individuals experience these conditions subjectively. On the other hand, when studying social phenomena like prejudice or group dynamics, psychologists may use quantitative methods borrowed from social sciences fields like sociology or political science to measure attitudes or behavior.


In conclusion, the answer to whether psychology is in humanities or social sciences is not straightforward. It depends on the research question being addressed and the methods used to answer it. Psychology can be considered as a hybrid field that draws on theories and methods from both humanities and social sciences fields.